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With Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday

Starting date: 09th 10th Jun 2018 (1 place left).


Pre requirement: Year 1 Foundation Training in Shamanism, Year 2 Practitioner Training in Shamanism with us, Feather Stone Energy Healing Level 1, all case studies completed and some experience working shamanically with your community.


Booking: Please send us an email saying: 1) What inspires you to take part in this work with us? 2) What would you like to gain from it? 3) Do you have any special requirements or needs?  4) What support do you feel you need? 5) What do you intend to do with the teachings received?


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The 7 Gateways of Consciousness


09th 10th June 2018 East: Filled with Spirit
22nd 23rd Sep 2018 South: Coming from the heart
01st 02nd Dec 2018 West: Looking within
09th 10th Feb 2019 North: Ancestral Healing
06th 07th Apr 2019 Above: Learning to Manifest
15th 16th Jun 2019 Below: The Shaman's death
14th 15th Sep 2019 Centre: Inner Wisdom

Times: Arrival 10:30 for registration and tea.. Start 11am finish at 6pm both days.

About the course

The 7 Gateways of Consciousness: East, South, West, North, Above, Below and the Centre.

In this advanced work we will go deep into the 7 Gateways of Consciousness, study and practice how to help clients as well as the self to heal, integrate and move forward empowered with integrity and authenticity. Ceremonies are also included in this advanced training.


Modules of the course


East Gateway: Filled with Spirit


Sweat Lodge Ceremony and training. Here you will receive an introductory training to facilitate Sweat Lodge Ceremonies for your community to bring about empowerment and healing. Structure of the lodge, safety, prayers, respecting and honouring tradition, the spirit of the lodge, healing and community. You will then have the opportunity work with the group to practice what you have learnt for a period of a year or two until you are ready to step into this powerful ceremony as a sweat lodge leader.



South Gateway: Coming from the heart


Working with the inner child to heal the heart. 90% of the problems people come for shamanic healing is childhood trauma related. With this work you will develop the appropriate skills to support the healing of traumas. One can only come from the heart if the heart is open, strong and free from past childhood traumas.


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West Gateway: Looking within


Working with the shadow self and the ego self: Here we deepen our understanding of the shadow and expand our awareness of how the ego self limits beliefs and thoughts. Working wiht this gateway we can assist ourselves and our clients to engage with the shadow and the ego selves to heal, transform, transcend and embrace spiritual gifts and powers.



North Gateway: Ancestral healing


Through the consciousness of the North gateway we walk the ancestral paths and lineages for healing. The North gateway also holds the consciousness of service to the community. Included in this weekend is DNA work, changing the DNA in our ancestral line for healing purposes and also teachings on how to undo curses and black magic.


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Above Gateway: Learning to manifest

With this work you will transcend time and transcend the self. Helping your clients create a positive life path, finding confidence to choose supportive, loving relationships and rewarding jobs and careers. What is for the good of all is in line with the laws of the Universe.


Below Gateway: The Shaman's death


Here you will have the opportunity to fully immerse with our Earth Mother with an Earth Lodge Ceremony. With the death of the ego, your full connection with Spirit and being held by Nature, in the Earth Lodge you will ask your Spirit Guides to give you teachings and ceremonies to take back to your people to help them in their healing journey.



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Centre Gateway: Inner Wisdom

As multidimensional beings our work is to recognise and integrate the fragmented parts of ourselves and connect deeper with the Spirit world. As we become more aware and integrate the different aspects of ourselves through the 7 gateways, we have the opportunity to fully become who we truly are with integrity and authenticity, grounding more and more our spiritual life purpose and powers. The essence of this work can help you centre yourself, connect deep with your trueself, chanelling inner wisdom, channeling your guides, gathering and sharing that wisdom for balance, empowerment and becoming whole in service to your community. Divination and channelling are part of this work.



Exchange for the Advanced Training in Shamanism

Year 3:
Instalments of £193 / £176 / £144 / / £127 / £110 (high / medium / low income / benefits / others) paid at the weekend we meet.


Important Note: Once accepted in the course you are commited to paying all weekends including the ones you miss and you will be able to do your catch up on the following year if you really need to miss a weekend.


It is our wish to include everyone who feel drawn to our work and are ready for this course, therefore, the exchange for our courses are on a sliding scale. For those restricted financially, you can divide the weekend cost in more instalments if you need to. Or if you need to pay in a different date that your group meets, that is also fine; we are flexible and happy to help.



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What to bring


Tools: drum, rattle and other shamanic tools you have, notebook and pen.


Food: Please bring lunch to share. We will have access to an oven and a cooker to warm up the food. We normally take 1 hr break for lunch around 2pm.


Clothes: Please come prepared for Scottish weather as we will work a lot outdoors in the woodland. Please bring with you warm outdoors clothes and wellington or walking boots.




Please note: We are not able to offer accommodation. We recommend these B&Bs near by: click here.


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Modules of the course


Exchange for the training


What to bring






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