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"Re-awakening ancient wisdom in our modern society."


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Feather Stone - Energy Healing work

It is only when we open ourselves up to become a pure channel and touch the essence of unconditional love inside that healing work can be done. This training is for those who wish to go back to the simple ways of remembering, reawakening memories of ancient shamanic skills and bringing back the wisdom that your soul has always known with integrity, unconditional love, compassion and humility.


Everything is energy. Learning to master, move, transmute, transform and work with energies is essential in our day to day life today.


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We are accepting applications for the following dates:

Level 1 training - twice a year

23rd 24th Sep 2017


Level 2 training - once a year

02nd December 2017


Teacher of level 1 - twice a year

23rd 24th Sep 2017


Teacher of Level 2 - once a year

02nd December 2017



More info: 075 0443 8763

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