"Re-awakening ancient wisdom in our modern society."


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Updated 03/05/12
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 Updated 08th Nov 2015


Spirit is in everything, everywhere and in each one of us.

Our Spiritual mission is to support the preservation of old Shamanic ways and teachings, promoting unity and empowering communities for personal and planetary healing.


The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre was founded in 2003 by Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday. The Centre has an excellent reputation for educational and spiritual development in Shamanism. Cláudia and Mark are widely recognised and respected for their authenticity, heart centered work, commitment and community empowerment, making them two of the world's finest and foremost Shamanic Teachers.


In the Shamanic path, the teacher is inside of you and everyone you encounter is a teacher. You are also the teacher and the student and that is what makes this path so powerful. The more you work on developing yourself spiritually, openning your heart to love more, serve others and expand your consciousness, the more help you receive from the Spirits. The Spirits then become your allies and also your teachers. To truly walk the Shaman's path one needs to be selfless.


Shamans are simply people called by benevolent Spirits to work as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical worlds. They are seen and respected by the Spirits because of their integrity, purity of heart and clear intent to serve others first rather then the self. The Spirits then become their allies in serving and assisting with the work at hand.


While at the Shamanic Centre we can train and help you remember and develop your shamanic skills for personal and planetary healing, it is ultimatelly the Spirits who call you to do this work for the wider community. The initiation into the Spirit world then begins. Humility and purity of heart are very important on the path. The path can often be rocky and arduous if one is not constantly keeping the self in ckeck.



Spirit Guides - Claudia Goncalves

Wounded Healer - Mark Halliday


Upcoming work:


21st Nov 2015: Goddess Empowerment


06th Dec 2015: Level 2 - Energy Healing


30th 31st Jan 2016 Year 2 Practitioner course


12th 13th Mar 2016: Level 1 - Energy Healing


16th 17th Apr 2016: Year 3 Advanced course


01st May 2016: Fundraising Holistic Festival


11th 12th Jun 2016: Year 1 Foundation course


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